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Situated in east central Alberta, Canada, in the heart of the central flyway. The autumn migration of Canada geese, White fronted geese, Snow geese and Ross’ geese is a spectacle that must be seen to be appreciated. Add to this the huge flocks consisting of thousands of mallards that migrate through the area during September and October and you will see why it truly is a waterfowler’s paradise!

Outfitter, Bob Clark, has been hunting ducks and geese in this area for over 35 years, including years of guiding/outfitting experience. Bob takes great pride in hosting only one group at a time, maximum six per group. This ensures personalized service, exclusive use of the lodge and the best possible hunting opportunities each and every day

Our professionally guided hunting excursions provide top quality bird hunting opportunities each and every day of the season. Our guides are experienced hunters and we pride ourselves in making every guided hunt both successful and memorable.

Whether you are a seasoned hunter or novice, the opportunity to shoot a trophy Canada goose, Speckle Belly, Snow goose or Mallard duck is here. All birds are processed and packaged for transport to your home.
If you are considering a fully guided hunt for ducks and geese, look no further.

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Come Hunt With Us

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Great hunting. WOW!

Rick Starr, Sacramento, CA

Amazing hunts, amazing food, amazing friends. Thanks for a great time!

Nick Theodoro, St. Louis, MO

Good memories, great hunts, thanks to everyone.

Genarro Savocchia, Adelaide Australia

Awesome hunting and my first Specks. Thanks Bob and team.

Phil Bourjailly, Field and Stream

Best hunting PERIOD! I’ve been all over the world, Spain to Argentina, None compare. See you next year.

Mark Foreman, Denver, CO

The most exciting time of my life! Thanks for everything.

Cody Hornsby, New Orleans, LA

Great lodge, wonderful food, hunting over the top and excellent hosts, can’t get any better than that !!!! My son and I are returning for our 10th year with Dog ‘n Duck.

Chuck Pappageorge, Yuba City, CA

The Best ever! Can’t wait to come back.

Rick Canaday, Sacramento, CA

Great hunts, great food and great friends. See you next year. Thanks Bob, Spoonbill, Jay and Janet.

Dave Cannings, Mesa, AZ

Grandsons and sons and Granddads. Great stories, great hunting and lots of fond memories. First class hospitality and accommodations.

Larry Gerlach, Samara, Costa Rica

Call in the dogs, put the stools in the truck, piss on the fire, this GREAT hunt is over. Thanks for everything.

Lewis Smoak, South Carolina

We’ll be back! Awesome!

The Stager Boys, PA

Great hunting! Great hosts!

R. Watkins

I have hunted Norway to Mexico and this is definitely one of the best!

Keith Trainer, Laporte , TX

I have found duck hunters heaven. I doubt that most water fowlers, even in their wildest dreams, ever have dreamed of seeing as many ducks and geese at one time as I have this past week near at Dog n’ Duck Outfitting. Had a blast.

John Phillips, Birmingham, AL