Hunting at it's Best

Typical Day

Your day begins well before sunrise with a continental breakfast at the lodge before heading out for the morning shoot. We primarily hunt geese in the vast grain fields in the morning. Peas tend to be the birds favorite breakfast of choice followed by barley and wheat, all of which are abundant within minutes of the lodge. We use either laydown blinds or upright, willow blinds depending on the conditions and the hunters’ preference. The blinds are camouflaged with straw or willows and then surrounded by the decoy spread consisting of full body Canada goose decoys complemented by an array of silhouettes and an assortment of Mallard and Pintail field decoys. Legal shooting time starts one half hour before sunrise.

After the morning shoot we return to the lodge for a hearty, full course breakfast prepared by the lovely Angie, Bob’s wife and camp chef. Plan on gaining a few pounds while you are here, Angie’s meals are always delicious. After breakfast, hunters have the opportunity to relax in the comfort of the lodge, which features HD satellite television, Wi-Fi, free Long distance.

Before departing for the afternoon hunt we offer a late lunch featuring homemade soups, sandwiches, pastries, and whatever else Angie might dream up. By mid afternoon it is time to put on the camouflage once again and prepare for the evening hunt. Depending on how the morning shoot went, we will either set up on a field again or shoot some ducks over one of the many potholes in the area. After sunset we return to the lodge for supper, cocktails, and fellowship around the campfire or in the comfort of the Spoonbill Lounge.

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