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What To Bring

Temperatures can vary drastically over short periods of time during the fall months in Alberta.

It is recommended that you bring along a variety as of warm as well as light clothing so that you can layer it accordingly.

Other items that you may want to bring are camouflage facemask, waterproof insulated footwear, hip or chest waders, (optional), warm hat and gloves, mosquito repellent, hearing protection, and camera.

Bag Limits:

Canada geese/White Fronted geese Daily limit: 

  • 8 per day of which no more than 5 may be White Fronted geese (Speckle Bellies).
  • Possession limit: 24 total of which no more than 15 may be White Fronted geese.


  • Daily limit: 8 per day (of which no more than 4 may be Pintails) .
  • Possession limit: 24 total (of which no more than 12 may be Pintails).

Snow/Ross’ geese:

  • Daily Limit: 50 per day
  • Possession limit: No limit

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